Vote for the Country’s Top Hero Dog!

Gabe, one of the nominees, completed over 210 combat missions in Iraq,
with 26 finds of explosives and weapons.

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Each year, the American Humane Association recognizes the country’s hero dogs in eight categories: Law Enforcement & Arson Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Guide Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and Emerging Hero Dogs (the category for “ordinary” dogs). Those eight winners (pictured below) will attend a gala event in Hollywood on October 6, when one will be named Top American Hero Dog. Last year’s Top Dog was Roselle, the guide dog who led her blind master safely down 78 flights of stairs following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Voting is open until October 5, although I warn you that they are all worthy of the prize.

Click here to read each dog’s story and to cast your vote .



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