We Have a Winner in the “Best in Shelter” Contest!

Last week, we told you that voting was open in the “Best in Shelter” competition, in which four Washington-area shelters competed in an online video contest by submitting short videos about adoptable pets in their care. Well, we have a winner and it is. . .(drum roll, please). . .Gaston!

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which submitted Gaston’s video (above) will receive the grand prize of $50,000. Cowboy (Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation of Arlington) took the second place prize of $25,000; Buster from the Washington Animal Rescue League won the third-place prize of $15,000; and fourth place went to Hugo from the Washington Human Society. Each shelter was awarded $5,000 from Best in Shelter for being selected to participate.

Best in Shelter Founder and President Martha Grimes stated, “Congratulations to Gaston and the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. It’s hard to pick a winner when all of the sixteen dogs are so wonderful. We’d like to congratulate all four of the participating shelters and hope they are pleased with the attention and financial resources they received from entering the competition. I’d also like to thank the visitors to the site who generously donated money to the Best in Shelter cause of letting people know that shelter dogs are equal to pure bred dogs in every way when it comes bringing a pet home.”

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Gaston was the winner in a contest that received more than 51,000 votes.

photo courtesy Best in Shelter

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