Choosing the BEST Food for Your Dog

My friend Kimberley posted an excellent article on her blog, “City Dog/Country Dog,” yesterday, in which she contemplates ways that she can make her dog’s life better. Determined to do whatever she can to keep her 8-year-old rescue dog, Theodore, happy and healthy, she set out to discover the best dog foods available. What she found is illuminating. You can read her article here.

Another benefit of Kimberley’s research is that she turned up a couple of excellent Web resources for pet owners who want to know more about what they’re feeding their dogs: DogFoodAdvisor and Dog Food Analysis. I encourage you to explore both. Plus, Kimberley’s post linked to these excellent videos, featuring Dr. Karen Becker, which go into fine detail about dog-food ingredients and what pet owners should look for. I found these videos fascinating and eye-opening. I’ll never again buy something to feed my dog without poring over the ingredients list first.

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