What Can You Learn About a Potential Mate by Looking at His/Her Dog?

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - doggie

Can a man’s dog be one of the keys to judging him as a mate?

photo by Soumya, Kolkata

Here’s a topic that’s sure to generate some debate: Can you gauge the suitability of a mate by looking at his or her dog? Yes you can, according to author Wendy Diamond, who goes so far as to lay out some criteria:

If you are looking for marriage material, consider the Doberman pinscher, collie, Chinese crested, beagle or rottweiler man, she says.Aside from dog owners that would make a potential long-term mate, Diamond gives snippets of useful information, such as noting that a guy with a bichon frise is “great with children” and is the type of man who will dress up as a clown on birthdays or as Santa at Christmas.

However, other dog experts disagree and see this method as a recipe for disaster. Read the full story here, and then let us know what you think. Have you ever chosen a mate because he or she showed good taste in a pet?

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