Woman Whose Dog Died After Eating Treats Made in China Launches Petition

Heidi, who died after eating treats made in China, is the inspiration for the petition.

photo courtesy chang.org

An Illinois woman whose beloved dog, a German shepherd named Heidi, died after eating dog treats made in China has launched a petition drive to get these treats removed from store shelves. Rita Desollar feels betrayed by the treats’ manufacturers, by the FDA, and by the retailer who sold her the treats. So she penned a letter to have these products taken off the market:

Dear Retailer,

The FDA is investigating nearly 2200 reports of dogs falling sick and dying after eating chicken jerky dog treats imported from China. While the investigation is ongoing, unsuspecting consumers who trust your brand continue to find these products on your store shelves and feed them to their pets, sometimes with fatal results.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has criticized the FDA for waiting to act, stating that as long as the treats are allowed to stay on the market, they are “guaranteeing more pets will die.” You have the power to stop waiting and protect your shoppers and their beloved pets from paying the price for the FDA’s red tape.

Please be stores that we, your loyal customers, can trust. Please protect us, your customers, our families, and our pets. We want to feel safe shopping with you. Please show us we can trust you by removing these dangerous jerky treats made in China from your shelves.

So far, the online petition has been signed by more than 61,000 supporters, and the goal is 100,000.

As we have posted before, the FDA maintains that there is no science that suggests the treats from China are harmful to dogs. Anecdotal evidence, however, suggests that in thousands of cases, dogs have become ill or died after eating these treats. In the comments section of the petition page, several people who have lost their dogs tell their stories.

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