Alaskan Woman Punches Bear in the Nose to Save her Dachsund

Fudge has his owner’s right hook to thank for saving him from a black bear.

Michael Penn/Juneau Empire 


What would you do to save your dog’s life? Would you fight a bear? Brooke Collins didn’t hesitate to clock a bear right in the nose who took her dachsund in its mouth outside her home.

From the Juneau Empire:

It started out as a typical evening for 22-year-old Brooke Collins. She let her dogs out as usual but this time, she said there was a black bear outside who took hold of her dachshund Fudge. She said she feared for her pet’s life and, in an instant, ran over and punched the bear right in the face to make it let go.

“It was all so fast. All I could think about was my dog was going to die,” said Collins.

“It was a stupid thing but I couldn’t help it,” she said. “I know you’re not supposed to do that but I didn’t want my dog to be killed.”

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