Woman Writes in Her Will That Her Dog Must Die When She Does


Sasha was an elder dog, but her neighbor says the dog had more years left in her.

photo via KUTV

Here’s a story that calls into question many aspects of dog ownership and care. A 92-year-old Utah woman, Trudi Schwenk, wrote into her will that, upon her death, her dog should be euthanized and their mingled ashes spread in the mountains. It sounds sweet and was surely an expression of love. But there’s one major problem: according to Ms. Schwenk’s neighbor, the dog, Sasha, was reasonably healthy and could have enjoyed a few more years of life. Plus, the neighbor had offered to adopt the dog.

There seems to be no question that what Ms. Schwenk did was legal. After all, under Utah law, dogs are property. But to end the life of an animal prematurely simply because its owner has passes seems to disregard the dignity of the dog.

Watch the news report by clicking the link below. What do you think?

Click here to see a video of the KUTV report about Sasha.

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