Woman Spends $50k to Clone Her Beloved Dog

Here’s a story that asks the question “How far is too far when it comes to preserving the memory of a beloved dog?” A New York woman, Danielle Tarantola, recently spent $50,000 to have her companion cloned by a laboratory in South Korea. Her dog, Trouble, passed away three years ago, and she was so distraught that she could not imagine living without him. Now she has a puppy, named Double Trouble, who was created using Trouble’s DNA. Tarantola claims, “I really can see no difference between them. So many of their gestures and the way they play is identical.”

Even after reading the Daily Mail story and watching the brief video interview above, I still have lots of questions. So did Dr. Drew Pinsky, who discussed Tarantola’s situation with a clinical psychologist on his CNN Show. What do you think? Is this okay for someone who obviously has the means to shell out this kind of cash, or is it taking the dog-human relationship to an unhealthy place?

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