Woman’s Dying Wish to Hold the Rescued Dog She Supported from Afar is Granted

When Lynn heard of sharpei-mix Bucare’s plight on the streets of Puerto Rico and saw his pictures, she didn’t hesitate to help. Even though she had never met Bucare, and was herself battling brain cancer, she sent  money for his vet bills and received regular updates on his recovery. When there was an opportunity for Bucare to be adopted, she even paid for him to be flown from Puerto Rico to New England. All for a dog she had never met.

Sadly, Lynn’s condition worsened. When it was clear she may not have much time left, her dying wish was to get to hold the dog she loved from afar. Her wish was granted. Lynn passed on soon after.

We set up a time and all met for a lovely lunch on Lynn’s deck and a chance to hang out with Bucare. Jim told us all about Bucare’s new life and Lynn got plenty of time to spend with Bucare….who is so lovely and gentle and has a beautiful thick coat now.

It was such a nice day and it meant so much to Lynn. She kept telling me how great it was to have had something to look forward to. She also said that her own dogs were a great comfort to her during her illness and that having animals in her life had given her purpose.

Read the rest Lynn and Bucare’s story here.

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