Two South Carolina Women Save Wounded, Pregnant Dog

When Anita Silvers saw a pregnant, horribly wounded stray dog walking down the street in Whitmire, South Carolina, she couldn’t do what hundreds of others had already done: just keep on driving. Instead, she picked up the dog, whose throat had been cut, and took her home. Anita woke up the next morning to 9 puppies and a mother dog now even more exhausted and in need of medical care. She took the dog to the vet, who stitched up the nasty wound on the chocolate Lab,now named Patty-Cake, and checked on the puppies. The vet bills were paid by a local rescue group, Wild Heir Labrador Rescue, and all the dogs are now with Wild Heir foster mom, Alicia Matthews. It’s a tragedy-to-triumph story, if all the puppies end up in good homes.

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