Dog Euthanized by Mistake at Florida Shelter. . .AGAIN!

Back in April, we posted about a terrible situation in which a Florida animal shelter accidentally euthanized a healthy, 8-month-old puppy just 45 minutes after it had been dropped off. At the time, shelter managers swore that changes would be made to avoid this kind of occurrence, but now it has happened again, just five months later. According to reports, a healthy dog who had been in the shelter for just two days was mistaken for another animal who had been there since August and was scheduled for euthanization.

The dog scheduled for euthanasia was the pet surrendered by their owner in August, but because of a kennel change and a lack of standard procedures around euthanasia preparation and execution, the stray was put down on Friday, September 7.

Understandably, dog lovers are irate about these repeated problems at the shelter, and they are calling for employees to be fired.

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Zeus was euthanized in April, less than an hour after he was dropped off.

photo via Tampa Bay Times

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