A Beautiful Tribute to a Loving but Troubled Dog

Anne Wheaton and her beautiful but difficult dog, Riley.
Photo via annewheaton.com

Anne Wheaton is an actress/hair stylist/blogger who is also a well known dog lover. Recently, she had to say goodbye to the oldest of her three dogs, and the tribute that she has written about Riley is as honest and loving as anything you’ll read. In describing their life together, Wheaton doesn’t hide from the rough stuff, which makes her remembrance that much more powerful:

I took Riley to the vet the next day. I was in tears as I explained Riley’s behavior, which seemed to be getting worse with age. At 11 years old, I knew the behavior wasn’t a thing that could be trained out of her. I didn’t want to find another home for her; she’d been in our home her whole life. I could see that she was like an angry, dementia woman who acted out over nothing. She still had health and life in her, so we didn’t want to give up on her.

This is well worth your time.

Click here for the full story and Click here for Anne’s husband Will Wheaton’s post on Riley.

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