A Beautiful Tribute to Grizzly, “a Good Boy”

Written by: Phil Monahan

Grizzly was so handsome that he became a model.
Photo by Alice Wollman via dogster.com

When the editors at dogster saw Alice Wollman’s farewell letter in the name of her beloved dog, Grizzly, they asked her if they could publish it. Thank goodness that they did, for it deserves exposure to the wider world:

As I ran, the rest of the world disappeared. It was just me and the bird. We were both flying away. I ran a good mile into the stark Mojave Desert. I was a speck on the horizon and the class could barely see me through binoculars. Then I turned and made a mad run back. I ran with force, with the wind in my fur and the sun on my back. I ran with joy, with freedom and with a sense of purpose. You could have heard a pin drop when I placed the live game bird in the palm of my father’s hand. He was so proud when he handed the bird back to the teacher, without a drop of spit. I had the longest retrieve and the softest mouth. I have always been a good boy.

It seems that, from Grizzly’s perspective, he had a wonderful life. Clearly, Wollman feels blessed to have been a part of it.

Click here to read the entire letter and see more photos of Grizzly.

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