A Dangling Drumstick Catches Dog Missing for Two Years

Dallas resident Farnaz Memarzadeh first noticed the stray dog about a year and a half ago, and it bothered her: she knew that someone was probably missing their beloved pet. Memarzadeh even named the stray, Nadine, but she couldn’t catch the dog. Finally, she called in some professionals, an organization called Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue, but they couldn’t catch “Nadine,” either—even after two months of setting traps.

What finally did the trick was a piece of KFC chicken, a concept proposed by a UT Southwestern Medical Center maintenance worker. And when the dog was finally brought to a veterinarian, her microchip identified her as Bella, a dog who had disappeared from a town 36 miles away in 2012.

Melanie Barnes had never lost hope after Bella jumped her fence and escaped, and she was overjoyed when she received the call. The reunion at Memarzadeh’s home was joyous.

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Melanie Barnes (left) is reunited with Bella, thanks to the dedication of Farnaz Memarzadeh (right).
Photo via WFAA.com

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