A Stunning Dog-Art Auction Returns in New York City

Up to No Good by Anton Karssen.
Image Courtesy of Doyle New York via bloomberg.com

From 1998 through 2009, famed New York City auction house Doyle held an annual auction of art dedicated to Man’s Best Friend. In recent years, customers and collectors have inquired so many times about when the event would return that Doyle finally relented. Next Wednesday’s Belle Epoque auction will feature a special section of dog art. The paintings are a mixture of portraits, fine art, and whimsy, and the prices aren’t out of this world—ranging from $300 to $8,000.

Click here for the full story and to see many more glorious paintings.

Click here for the auction website.

Madame Chienne by Thierry Poncelet.
Image Courtesy of Doyle New York via bloomberg.com

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