A Touching Remembrance of the Husband and Wife Behind Dog Mountain

Many dogs are remembered at the Dog Chapel.
Photo via dogster.com

In a sad but ultimately uplifting story on Dogster, Kelly Pulley, writes about a visit to Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. It was created in 2000 by famed artist Stephen Huneck—known for his whimsical dog paintings—and his wife Gwen as a sanctuary for dogs. There’s no leash law on the 150-acre property, and dogs are encouraged to run free.

Dog mountain is also home to the Dog Chapel:

When you visit the Dog Chapel, you are completely enveloped with messages of love. It is a very moving experience- sad certainly, but also uplifting- to see how much everyone cherishes his or her dog. Grieving for a lost dog is one aspect of the Dog Chapel, but equally important is celebrating the joy of living and the bond between dogs and their owners. Stephen Huneck wanted people and dogs to have the most fun they possibly could. To this end, he cleared hiking trails, and made ponds for dogs to swim in. In the winter, folks come and snowshoe with their dogs, always enjoying the pristine surroundings and spectacular views.

Stephen Huneck’s art is wildly popular with dog lovers.
Photo via dogster.com

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