A Wonderful Profile of a Heroic Dog Rescuer

Greg Mahle cradles Paco and Taco, two of the rescue dogs he is transporting.
Photo by Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor

We have posted before about the incredible work that dog rescuer Greg Mahle does every other Saturday, as he transports dogs from shelters in the South to waiting homes in the North. (See “Introducing The Dog Savior” and “Listen to a Wonderful Report About a Hero Who Brings Rescue Dogs from the South to the North.”) Now the Christian Science Monitor has posted a long profile of Mahle by Peter Zheutlin that really gets to the heart of what motivates Mahle’s work:

Mahle sighs gently and turns to me. “You know, a few days ago these dogs were all going to die. Now, the doors will open, the light will pour in, and each one will be delivered into the arms of a loving family. This is heaven.”

The article is long, but it will help restore your faith in humanity, even if just a little bit. Greg Mahle is a true hero who should be recognized by all, far and wide.

Click here for the full story.

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