Accommodating Service Dogs is Important to Businesses

Star the service dog looks out the window as his owner works away at his desk.
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We post often about business—from restaurants to retail stores—that get themselves in trouble by refusing service to a person with a service dog. A good article in Iowa’s Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier explains how a nonprofit service-dog-training organization called Retrieving Freedom is working with businesses to make them more service-dog friendly:

Retrieving Freedom works with those businesses, teaching them how to differentiate a service dog from a simple companion that should not enter a place a business. For starters, dogs trained at Retrieving Freedom are issued vests that can serve as ready identification. There are other tell-tale signs, as well, Dewey said.

“We’ve been to quite a few different places, in hospitals and schools, put on presentations,” Dewey said. “We did one at Wal-Mart for all the employees of how you should handle a service dog.”

This is certainly another great step toward making life easier for those who really require a canine companion.

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