Artist Creates “An Act of Dog” to Memorialize Euthanized Shelter Dogs

AN ACT OF DOG from Sarah Haeberle on Vimeo.

When artist Mark Barone lost his 21-year-old dog, Santina, passed away in 2010, his wife, Marina, went online to find him a new companion. What she found shocked her:

While searching she was finding out about a tragic story that is played out across the country every day in animal shelters. A staggering number of shelter dogs are euthanized every day in this country, that number comes to about 5500 dogs a day being put to death.

To do something about this problem, they founded An Act of Dog, an art project in which Mark will paint portraits of 5,500 dogs who have been euthanized in shelters across the United States. Ultimately, they would like the paintings displayed in a permanent museum that will raise funds to be distributed to no-kill facilities and rescues. This is a huge, multi-year project, as you will see from the video above.

Click here for the full story.

Click here to visit the An Act of Dog website.

Blitzen, Killed 1/4/2011.

photo courtesy An Act of Dog

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