After Three Years of Eluding Capture, A Stray Dog Spends Christmas in a Loving Home

Baby Girl had spent the three previous Christmases out in the cold.
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Here’s a wonderful story of a dog who had been living on the streets of Richland, Michigan, finally coming inside for the holidays. The dog, known as Baby Girl to the locals who had fed her for almost three years, finally allowed herself to be captured on Sunday.

But on his way to church Sunday, Dec. 22, the morning after the ice storm, Robert Nash of Kalamazoo, a retired veterinarian, noticed Baby Girl huddled in a doorway of an area business. He called his son-in-law and daughter, Dan and Amy Libey of Richland, to come help him try again to catch the dog. This time they succeeded, and took her to their home until they could find a rescue to take her in.

After a spell at a local shelter, Baby Girl was resting in the warmth of a foster home for Christmas. Let’s hope that she soon finds the forever home she deserves.

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