American Olympians Now Rescuing Sochi Stray Dogs

Silver-medalist Gus Kenworthy cuddles with his new friends.

The story of the plight of Sochi’s stray dogs just continues to grow (much to the chagrin of Olympic officials and Russian politicians, I am sure). Now comes the heartwarming tale of a couple of American olympians who will be bringing rescue dogs home with them. Gus Kenworthy—who won a Silver Medal in the men’s slopestyle competition—is arranging to take a littler of four puppies back to the states for adoption, and Amanda Bird, a press officer for the U.S. bobsled/skeleton teams, is planning on adopting an older dog:

“I’d like to take an older dog because those are the dogs that usually aren’t adopted. Everyone up here will adopt a puppy. Right now I’m running into some issues because I can’t take the dog on the charter flight so I need to figure out how to get the dog to Munich. When I get to Munich, I can check the dog in with me or carry it on.”

Bird’s new dog, who will be named Sochi, will join her Australian Shepherd, Sammy, at her home in Tennessee.

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Click here for more on Kenworthy’s discovery of the puppies.

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