Amy Ray, of Indigo Girls, Is a Real Celebrity Dog Lover

Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray snuggles with Tender.
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In a great interview on, one half of the folk/rock duo Indigo Girls (you may remember their hit “Closer to Fine“), talks about how important dogs have been to her life and music. Whereas for some celebrities, a dog is little more than an accessory, Amy Ray has rescued dogs, adopted strays, and has been an advocate for spay/neuter programs and shelters. (Although her “stop breeding for five years” plan has a “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” feel to it.)

Here’s what she has to say about how dogs have influenced her life:

It seems that I have thousands of songs that have dogs in them. Six songs on the new album mention dogs. I love dogs for their loyalty and unconditional love. They have taught me how to let go. My dog, Jack, was 18 when he died. He was originally found in the woods. He was a mixed-breed dog that looked like a 40-pound dingo. He was agile, smart and loyal.

Often, Jack would go down the trail by the river to a neighbor’s house and stay for the whole day. It was upsetting at first as to why he wouldn’t spend time at home. Then I realized it was part of him teaching me to let go. Dogs teach you to be in the moment, let go and to accept. Dogs manage pain and death better than we do. Dogs have enriched my life by keeping me focused on life with daily walks, feeding and spending time with them.

There’s lots more interesting stuff here, and I recommend the whole interview. I think you’ll find that you have a lot in common with Ray when it comes to dogs.

Click here for the full story.

Here’s a video from 2009 that shows both Ray and her musical partner Emily Saliers talking about dogs.

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