Oregon Dog-Rescue Operator Charged with Animal Neglect

Animal-abuse cases are always horrifying, but when the accused is someone who is supposed to be protecting animals, it just seems worse. Here’s a report on a case from Oregon in which 140 dogs were rescued from a warehouse that pretended to be a rescue facility. The 24-year-old (!) owner, Alicia Inglish, was arrested and arraigned on 120 counts of animal neglect. The particulars of this story are really disturbing:

The sheriff’s office says most of the dogs seized late Sunday from the Willamette Valley Animal Rescue facility in Brooks were in poor condition: starving, sickly, some with eyes sealed shut by body fluids. They were living on concrete floors with no bedding, their cages contaminated with feces and urine.

The big question that always hovers over such cases is Why?. Is Ms. Inglish mentally ill, corrupt, or just incompetent? Apparently, she was getting the dogs from kill shelters to save their lives. But the conditions she kept them in were deplorable.

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The “rescued” dogs were kept in tiny crates stacked atop one another.

photo via king5.com

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