Announcing the Latest Batch of Orvis Cover Dog Winners!

Owner: James D’Amico

It’s time again to announce our Orvis Cover Dog Contest winners, who will appear on our 2024 Spring and Summer Dog Books. These photos were chosen from among almost 4,000 entries this contest season, resulting in what are always fun and beautiful covers. We also raised more than $20,000 for Morris Animal Foundation. To date, we have raised over $2 million in donations!

The over $2 million raised through the Orvis and MAF partnership have helped support a variety of efforts to combat canine cancer, including:

  • 33 universities and research institutions around the globe, new treatments for lymphoma – one of the most common cancers in dogs
  • innovative studies in genetic risk factors and environmental exposures,
  • new surgical procedures for cancer treatment, and
  • the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study—one of the largest, most comprehensive canine-health studies in the United States.  
Owner: Ramon Maury
Owner: Erin Salemi

We would also like to celebrate the three entries that raised the most donations:

Marvin ($2580)
Owner: Lisa and Clint Everett 
Gracie ($1176)
Owner: Matt Dunn 
Sophie ($1165)
Owner: Susan Beardslee

One thought on “Announcing the Latest Batch of Orvis Cover Dog Winners!”

  1. Congratulations to KODA and JAMES D’AMICO on winning and to WILLOW and ERIN SALEMI for their great photos. And, a very special thank you to LISA AND CLINT EVERETT, MATT DUNN, SUSAN BEARDSLEE, and their beautiful puppies (respectively) Marvin, Gracie, and Sophie for their invaluable fundraising.

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