Announcing the Winners of the Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest!

We are excited to announce the 2014 Orvis Cover Dog Contest winners now appearing on our 2015 Dog Book!

Each contest we receive outstanding submissions and it is no small task to whittle thousands of entries down to seven winners. And these winners make great cover models! We thank each of you for entering and sharing your dogs. More importantly, we thank each of you for helping us raise money for canine cancer research.

This particular contest raised over $54,000. It’s our tenth since 2009, and it is the one that put us over $1 million raised in support of Morris Animal Foundation and their efforts to beat canine cancer. You may have seen our announcement on this last week. In response we received a poignant email from Daniel Lichtenauer, whose recent experienc emphasizes the importance of this milestone and the important work in which we’re all contributing.

Your canine cancer email and photo contest could not have come at a more relevant time in not only my life, but my faithful Golden Retriever Maggie’s life, as well. I started a new career in clinical research at a cancer center less than two months ago, and just this week, Maggie was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach and liver. This weekend, my family will say goodbye to our companion of eleven years. I simply want to express my thanks for your efforts to raise funds for canine cancer and that I plan on submitting a photo of Maggie from her years of good health and loyalty.

Now on with the show. Here are your contest winners:

Eustace, from Trent Hightower in Hood River, OR.

Sly, from Kimberly Munoz in Carson City, NV.

Riley and Bailey, from James Spaulding in Sicklerville, NJ.

Stan, from Anthony de Schoolmeester in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, UK.

Max and Rom, from Jack Gerber in Springville, NY.

Maddie, from Elizabeth Edwards in Caldwell, NJ.

Tug, from Jeff Welcker in Sycamore, IL

Don’t forget, if you’d like to see your dog on the cover and play a role in the fight against canine cancer, be sure to enter our current Cover Dog Photo Contest.

4 thoughts on “Announcing the Winners of the Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest!”

  1. What Orvis is doing for canine cancer is wonderful. I just lost my 3 yr old Golden Brody to Lymphatic Colon Cancer 6 weeks ago. He was such a happy go lucky beautiful sweet boy who was my best friend. He went from walking and running with me to being diagnosed with cancer and gone in 4 weeks. He did go through 3 weeks of chemo before his decline. I miss him every day and my heart is broken. Because of his cancer and for my love of Brody, his legacy will be cancer awareness in canine as well. Until Brody had cancer I had no idea how prevalent it is in Golden’s. Also because of Brody one of our local Golden’s have been accepted by the Morris Foundation. I will continue to spread the word so others will possibly one day not have go through the heartache of losing their beloved furry family member to this dreaded disease.
    Orvis your greatness in raising this money is beyond thank you and it is heart felt from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Petco, as well as Orvis, is also doing a lot to help fight canine cancer. Many many thanks to both of you!

  3. Can I get: 1) A hard copy of the English Cocker ( Without the text ) from the April 2015 cover ?
    2) AN email copy, also, of the above?
    My wife and I had three, one at a time, English Cockers. I never saw such a good likeness.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I am Stan’s owner and am very proud that he has been chosen to be the April Cover Dog for the Orvis Dog Book. I don’t know how to get you a hard copy but I would be happy to send you the original copy of the shot via email which has no text on it. Let me know your email address some how and I can forward to you.



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