Another Eldad Hagar Rescue Update – Shaggy

Shaggy and her person Patty Hall
Photo via The State

We love the dramatic stories of Hope for Paws/Eldad Hagar’s wonderful dog rescues. Lately, we’ve also been hearing updates about these dogs we’ve come to feel we know. It’s so exciting to see these pups months later, settled in, comfortable, and most importantly, very much at home.

Shaggy is no exception. We originally posted about her rescue back in February, and now South Carolina’s The State gives us a full update on how Shaggy and her new person Patty are doing.

Not only is Shaggy doing very well, she’s developed an impressive social media following! The “Friends of Shaggy” Facebook Page has brought people together from all over the world.

Hall calls the page a dog diary that she realizes has become something more. Fans have sent her a number of gifts, namely dog toys and books, but Hall also has received a collar with a radio transmitter, a wine glass painted with a portrait of Shaggy and a Mother’s Day card.

We could not be happier for Shaggy and her well-deserved fame!

Read the full story AND watch the video here.

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