Are Attitudes Toward Pit Bulls Changing?

Anti-Pit Bull attitudes are softening across the country.
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We have posted many times about how breed-specific legislation unfairly targets certain breeds. An Associated Press story by Bill Draper argues, however, that the tide may be turning for maligned breeds, such as Pit bulls:

But attitudes have softened considerably since then as animal activists and even television shows cast the dogs in a more positive light. The image makeover has prompted many states to pass new laws that forbid communities from banning specific breeds. And it illustrates the power and persistence of dog-advocacy groups that have worked to fend off pit bull restrictions with much the same zeal as gun-rights groups have defeated gun-control measures.

“Lawmakers are realizing that targeting dogs based on their breed or what they look like is not a solution to dealing with dangerous dogs,” said Lisa Peters, a spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club.

Let’s hope that this trend continues in more states and communities, and we put a focus back on responsible dog ownership and training.

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