Are Owners the Cause of Canine Depression?

Is the stress of modern life and the ways we deal with it causing problems for our dogs?
Photo by Phil Monahan

A recent article in The Guardian addresses the issue of depression in dogs, claiming that “Canine mental health is worsening, with some being given drugs to cope, but modern life and thoughtless owners are the likely culprits.” Problems such as boredom and lack of consistency can trigger mental and emotional issues in dogs, and owners need to be more aware of the effects their lifestyles are having on their pets:

Dog behaviourist Penel Malby told me: “Dogs live very differently to the way they used to. Lots more dogs, lots more people, lots more stress for everyone, I think. If you think back even just 50 years, dogs were allowed to roam free every day, socialise with their neighbourhood friends. Now they either go out with a dog walker or go out for an hour if they’re lucky, and the rest of the time is spent at home.” And as people have become increasingly glued to social media and hand-held devices, dogs have well and truly had their noses put out of joint.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Are Owners the Cause of Canine Depression?”

  1. Desafortunadamente, es asi. Lo peor es que hay muchos mas perros necesitados de un hogar responsable que personas dispuestas a brindarles atencion, brindarles su tiempo y dejarlos ser. Esto sin contar los perros cuyos
    duenos son como indican uds. Los tienen solos, encerrados y olvidados. Sus perros son para ellos como un mueble, por lo que no estan en su lista de prioridades.

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