Are Young Women Choosing Dogs Over Motherhood?

Agelika Kocoronis Doukides (left) with her Yorkie-Maltese mix, Meli, and Yael Friedland with her morkie, Harley.
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We dog lovers are fond of referring to our best friends as “babies” or even “furbabies,” but an article in the New York Post suggests that this might be more than just terms of endearment:

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that a big drop in the number of babies born to women ages 15 to 29 corresponds with a huge increase in the number of tiny pooches owned by young US women, reports the business-news site Quartz.

All parents know how much time and effort goes into motherhood, so perhaps a dog seems a better option for a young woman still pursuing a career. Since women are getting married later, on average, it seems to make sense that they might fill the gap created by delayed motherhood with a “furbaby.”

What do you think: Is this just social-science hoo-ha or a real trend?

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2 thoughts on “Are Young Women Choosing Dogs Over Motherhood?”

  1. Im all for furbaby I have 3 and I’m 24 and have a partner but so not ready for children we are still in school and happy with our furbabies

  2. I think fur babies are a good option for everyone not just the young women. Everyone needs a companion and who can be better than a cute pup.

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