Audio: Great NPR Story on the Movement Against Pet-Store Sales

Cities in several states have passed dog-sale bans, aimed at cracking down on substandard puppy breeders.
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A story on NPR yesterday focused on the movement to ban the sale of dogs at pet stores in many towns and cities across Florida.So far, at least 30 bans are in place in the Sunshine State, added to similar laws in California, New Jersey, and other states. Dog advocates argue that many dogs sold in pet shops come from substandard puppy mills, which are thus supported by the industry:

Michele Lazarow is clearly a dog lover — she has three of her own. She’s led the effort to stamp out pet store dog sales in South Florida.

She says the laws are intended to encourage pet stores to follow the lead of national chains like Petsmart, Petco and Pet Supermarket. None sell dogs, but instead promote adoptions through shelters and rescue groups.

As you might imagine, the folks who run pet shops don’t agree. . .

Click here for the full story or Click here the radio news report.

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