9 thoughts on “Bedroom Photo Reveals Shocking Lifestyle of Orvis Vice Chairman Dave Perkins!”

  1. Don’t want my wife to see this. She’s had as many as four bed warners. 35 to 85 lbs. I have to use the other room and I get the big one.

  2. What’s so shocking about the picture? Any true animal lover has pets sleep with them. Ours were our beloved Golden Retriever Delilah and her sidekick Prissy Pop (short for Priscilla Popcorn), a generally un-friendly stray cat that completely ignored us by day, but cuddled on the bed for 13 years with Lilah, my husband, myself, and for the last 8 yrs, our daughter. Now THAT was a full bed, too. When we replace Delilah, that dog will also sleep with us.

  3. Looks like a great way to sleep. Just don’t get up in the night to go to the bathroom he’d loose what little space he has to sleep.

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