Video: A Blind Aussie and Her Guide Dog Need a New Home

One story about a dog serving as a guide for a blind companion is a remarkable thing, but this happens often enough (see here, here, and here,) that it really says something about a dog’s capacity for love, compassion, and loyalty. Bella and Jolly were brought into a shelter in Palm City, Florida, last month, and the hope is that they will find a home together.

Bella is a blind Australian Shepherd, and Jolly is the Yellow Lab who helps her get around. By wearing bells on her collar, Jolly lets Bella know where she is and which way they should go. Not only are the pair devoted to each other, but a shelter worker says, “”They are the best dogs we have in he facility, just the bond have together, and the love and compassion, and these dogs show you what friendship is all about.”

Let’s hope they find a forever home soon!

Click here for the full story.

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