Looking at the Final Days from the Dog’s Perspective

According to his owner, Benny was a “soul extension” and a “human with fur.”
Photo by Jasmine Hargrave, via

Dog owners have discovered lots of different ways to deal with the loss of a beloved friend, from making video elegies, to doing good work, to taking time to remember the best parts of the relationship. John Pointer was grieving over the loss of his best friend, Benny, so he decided to write an essay from the dog’s view. The results are unbelievably affecting and touching:

Yesterday was weird. I couldn’t get myself out of bed. The guy I live with lifted me up. I tried to get my legs under me, but they wouldn’t cooperate. He said, “Don’t worry, I gotcha buddy,” carried me downstairs, and out the front door. That was so nice of him. I needed to pee so badly, I just had to go right there where he put me down. Normally I wouldn’t, but we both decided to make an exception to the rule.

You’ll want to have a tissue or two ready as you read the rest, but it’s worth it. . .

Click here for the full story.

Click here for “Benny’s” view in the original Facebook post..

One thought on “Looking at the Final Days from the Dog’s Perspective”

  1. What a awesome story. I tried to do the same with my best friend, she was my everything. We even spent the last night together on the living room floor. A day ill never forget. Thank you for sharing your final days with us

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