Blind Pug Works as Therapy Dog in Oregon

Xander provides a moment of joy and calm at a local daycare.
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Here’s a great story from southern Oregon, where Xander the Pug brings warmth, calm, and joy to many in his community. This is all the more impressive because the little dog is blind, having lost his sight due to an accident in puppyhood. He also has some respiratory problems that require him to breath through his mouth most of the time.

But despite his handicaps, Xander loves people and loves attention, which makes him a great therapy dog:

Xander put his skills on display Tuesday, visiting Tiny Hopefuls Daycare with Hands and Words are not for Hurting. Surrounded by a ring of preschoolers, Xander welcomed hands stroking his back and head, even gently pulling on his tail to see it curl back up. Xander didn’t flinch at the peals of laughter. He didn’t get anxious in the crowd. For him, it was business as usual.

Xander’s life started out badly, but once he was rescued from a shelter and brought into a loving home, everything turned for the better.

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