Blind, Sick, Elderly Dog Spends His First Christmas In A Loving Home

Blackie will now spend her final days surrounded by love and warmth.

Blackie is a 14-year-old, blind, sick dog whose owners brought him into a Texas shelter just before Christmas. They thought that the shelter would simply put the dog down, but then something miraculous happened:

Instead of being euthanized, another Austin shelter—Austin Pets Alive!—agreed to take Blackie in and try to keep him comfortable, try to make him happy, for a bit longer.

Austin Pets Alive! specializes in helping animals who have medical or behavioral issues that can make it hard for them to find homes.

One of the shelter volunteers, Brunie Drummond, decided to take Blackie home, in an act of incredible kindness. Blackie’s final days won’t be spent in the cold environs of a shelter, but in the home of someone who cares about him. Talk about a Christmas Miracle!

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3 thoughts on “Blind, Sick, Elderly Dog Spends His First Christmas In A Loving Home”

  1. To the person who just dumped this baby, this is just like dumping the elderly into a nursing home and never checking on their care or seeing them again. Point to ponder, if you have children you are teaching them to do just that. Remember your kids will eventually have control of your care.

    I am the pround owner of an 11 yoa Bassett and a 15 year old cat. Pets are not a right but are a privilege. If you can’t handle them getting older don’t get another.

    To the person who helped make this baby’s life better by giving him a warm loving home…you are a true angel.

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