Blind Therapy Dog Continues to Raise Awareness for Autism

Dutchess continues to travel the country to raise awareness for autism
Photo via HLN

Dutchess the Golden Retriever is giving new meaning to the cliché “Love is blind.” When a degenerative disease robbed Dutchess of her eyesight in 2010, her career as an autism ambassador and therapy dog was in jeopardy. But in the three years since her surgery, Dutchess continues to travel the country bringing her infectious smile to hospitals, schools, and charity events to raise awareness for autism.

What Dutchess lacks in eyesight, she makes up for in unconditional adoration. The eyeless pup provides a calming and therapeutic presence for those in need. Even without eyesight, Dutchess has no problems navigating, playing fetch, and locating all near-by treats. Kibble on us, Dutchess!

For more information check out her Facebook page or her website

Dutchess shares her loving smile with children and adults of all ages
Photo via HLN

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  1. Must a dog be Serviced Trained to be near an autistic child. Can a mellow dog learn to satisfy a calm companion for a child?

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