Brooklyn Bar Fights City Ban on Dogs

The Gate has always been dog-friendly, until the authorities clamped down.
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For almost 20 years, since the bar first opened in 1997, folks who frequented a Brooklyn bar called The Gate have enjoyed the company of furry pals as they downed their microbrews. But last Monday, a sign went up on the door saying that, because of a Department of Health ordinance that really applies to restaurants that serve food—which The Gate does not—no longer would patrons be able to bring their pooches. Folks are understandably upset:

Local dog owner Amy Kurtich reached out to us this morning, hoping that “spreading the word about how ridiculous the DOH is being may lead to a change in their enforcement of this law.”

“One of my favorite parts about going to The Gate was that I could enjoy a quiet night out without the lingering guilt of knowing my dog was waiting for me at home,” she says. “I think that dog-friendly bars like The Gate and Mission Dolores are essential parts of the neighborhood, and it’s disappointing that they are losing part of their character because of the DOH’s overreach in enforcing the Health Law.”

The owners of the bar are appealing to their local city councilman for help.

Let’s hope that common sense prevails. I know that I would be much more likely to frequent any establishment where I could bring my dog with me. Wouldn’t you?

Click here for the full story, or you can follow the saga on The Gate’s Facebook page.

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