Video: Woman Reunited with Dog Missing for 5 Months

Here’s a new report with two feel-good stories in it. When Marlene Bolivar’s beloved Pomeranian, Lucky, escaped through a gate last August, she figured she’d see him again soon. The dog was wearing tags and was microchipped. Sure enough, a woman called to say she had the dog. But when she found out there wasn’t a big reward, she hung up and didn’t call again. Bolivar feared the worst, and she was right.

She had almost given up hope when, on January 7, she received a call from an animal-control officer in Sacramento—almost 400 miles away from her Los Angeles home—saying that Lucky had been found.

That’s feel-good story #1.

The problem was that Bolivar is out of work and couldn’t afford to have Lucky sent back to LA. This is where an organization called Wings of Rescue, a volunteer nonprofit organization that flies shelter animals to safety, stepped in and offerred to bring Lucky home at no cost.

That’s feel-good story #2.

On Sunday, Bolivar and her beloved dog were reunited after 5 months.

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Marlene and Lucky are together again, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

photo via ABC News

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