How Canine and Human Cancers Are Linked May Help Researchers Find Cures

Here’s an amazing story about an organization called 2 Million Dogs is helping to fund research in comparative oncology, which seeks to find the connection between canine and human cancers. When Luke Robinson lost his first dog, Malcolm, to cancer at just 6 years old, he went on a 2,300-mile walking crusade with his next two Great Pyrenees, Hudson and Murphy:

They walked from town to town sharing Malcolm’s story and educating people about cancer in dogs and as they built a nationwide grassroots movement, Mr. Robinson had a vision: 2,000,000 dogs walking simultaneously all across the United States for cancer. If 2 dogs could walk over 2,000 miles surely it was possible!

And that’s how the 2 Million Dogs Foundation was born and the legacy that started out with just a man who lost his beloved dog continues…

2 Million Dogs holds “Puppy Up!” walks to raise awareness, and money, for this important research that could benefit both dogs and people touched by cancer.

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Murphy, one of the dogs who walked 2,300 miles across the country with Luke Robinson,
lost his battle with nasal cancer in June.

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