CCI Works to Stop Service-Dog Fraud

WFLA News Channel 8
We have posted many times about the problems created by people who falsely claim that their dogs are service dogs, so they can get the animal into restaurants, on airplanes, and elsewhere they shouldn’t be. Some may think that this is a victimless crime, those who really do need their service dogs to accompany them everywhere might disagree.

Now, Canine Companions for Independence is trying to do something about the problem. They have launched an online petition that reads:

I will take the Pledge To Stop Service Dog Fraud to help Canine Companions win the fight against discrimination and make sure that people who have a legitimate need for an assistance dog can continue to have access to all public places and public transportation that is required by law.

They hope to garner 50,000 signatures as a way to put pressure on authorities to open a discussion on this widespread problem.

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