Chinese Millionaire Spends All His Money Saving Dogs

Wang Yan’s shelter has housed up to 1,000 dogs.
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When you think of dog stories coming out of China, with its anti-dog laws and dogmeat festivals, you usually don’t expect something uplifting. But here’s a beautiful story about a former millionaire named Wang Yan who has spent virtually all his money on dogs. It all started when his own dog disappeared in 2012, and it has ended with Wang running a large animal shelter on the grounds of a former slaughterhouse. This man is a true hero.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Millionaire Spends All His Money Saving Dogs”

  1. I would like to get a hold of this guy how do I do this? he is God send! he is a remarkable man, I like to tell others about him, so they can help him with food and blankets etc. for the dogs

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