Nonprofit Dog-Sharing Organization Seeks to Help Both Owners and Dogs

Faith-Michele James—shown here with her dogs, Dojo and Marley, near her Los
Angeles home—is a member of City Dog Share, a type of dog sitting co-op.

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A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlights a new organization called City Dog Share, launched just 18 months ago, is spreading on the West Coast, helping dog owners make connections and help each other. Members of the social-media site can find someone to watch their dogs, and those without dogs can “try on a pet for size” before they make the commitment.

According to supporters, the benefits of such a community are manifold:

[They] believe City Dog Share can help shelters and rescue groups find homes for abandoned animals by giving prospective puppy parents the comfort of a free backup care plan if they fear the responsibility that comes with any animal.

What do you think of this arrangement? Is it as good an idea as it sounds, or are there potential pitfalls?

Click here for the full story, or visit the City Dog Share homepage.

One thought on “Nonprofit Dog-Sharing Organization Seeks to Help Both Owners and Dogs”

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