Classic Story: Inspirational Two-Legged Dog Brings Hope to Children’s Hospital

Faith overcame her disability, learning to walk on her hind legs, and she serves as an example
to children who are going through struggles of their own.
Photo via the Columbia Missourian

On Saturday, children at the University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital were treated to a visit from a dog whose story offers hope to all. Faith was born with a a deformed left leg and no right leg at all. Her left leg was eventually amputated. A vet suggested that the dog be euthanized, but Reuben Stringfellow rescued the dog. At first, the dog could only drag herself around, but she persevered and learned how to walk on her hind legs.

Other than going to rehab, seeing Faith in person is the only time Courtney has left their house since leaving the Rusk Rehabilitation Center two weeks ago, Nancy Squellati said.

“Faith is so inspirational,” she said. “It’s amazing to see an animal persevere without knowing the obstacles.”

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