Classic Story: Top 10 Truths of Raising a Rescue Dog

Lila has presented some serious challenges.
Photo by Kimberly Wang

[Editor’s note: Since today is a day to celebrate and promote dog rescue and adoption, I thought we’d revisit this excellent essay from City Dog/Country Dog writer Kimberly Wang.]

A while ago, we posted a wonderful photo essay by Kimberly Wang, featuring her dog, Theodore, and a rescue named Lila that she’s fostering. Yesterday, she posted a progress report on Lila, focusing on some of the challenges that the one-year-old, Coonhound/Plothound mix has presented. But then she goes further, offering a fascinating list of “Top Ten Truths About Raising a Rescue.” Here’s a sample:

1. Over the course of 2.5 hours, you can walk briskly from one side of Manhattan to the other, stopping for a vigorous game of ball along the way, and yet, once home, a noisy spaz attack ( while Theo’s Other Favorite Human is on an important conference call ) is inevitable.

2. The best toys are rarely the ones contained within the doggie toy bag. No squeaky, bouncy, chewy, fluffy toy can compete with the clothes hamper or the dresser drawers, the contents of which hold the most intriguing and delicate playthings. The doggie toy bag, too, when gleefully ripped to shreds, provides a delightful diversion. For a minute. Maybe two.

Kimberly is a wonderful writer and photographer, and aside from the list, there’s lots more fascinating stuff in her post.

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Kimberly Wang is a director-photographer-content producer who lives in New York City. .

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