Classic Video: “Denali,” Remembering a Man and His Dog

Hold onto your hat for this one. Here’s a gorgeous film, told from the perspective of a beautiful dog named Denali, about the deep, powerful love between man and dog. When Ben Moon is diagnosed with cancer, Denali is there to support him. Inevitably, the roles are reversed years later, and it is Ben’s turn to be caregiver. “Denali” is up there with “Last Minutes with Oden” for the most beautiful film about the end of a dog’s life ever. But it’s not all sad. There’s plenty of humor, joy, and inspiration on display, as well.

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Photographer Ben Moon and his beloved dog, Denali.

One thought on “Classic Video: “Denali,” Remembering a Man and His Dog”

  1. Always one of my favorites. Beautifully told from the perfect perspective. Thanks for putting this back on my radar screen.

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