Classic Video: Empowering Girls Through Animal Rescue

An exciting program in New York City is teaching leadership skills to middle-school girls through animal rescue and welfare. Unleashed calls itself a “social justice program,” and it was launched in 2010 at three different schools:

“Our philosophy is that human rights and animal rights movements are very synergistic,” said Stacey Radin, founder of Unleashed. “So over the course of 12 weeks, while the girls are talking about and learning about and researching the many different issues including homelessness, abandonment, neglect, overpopulation, dog fights, puppy mills – you name it – they’re also digging deep beneath the surface to understand the root of the cause of these issues and then looking at the consequences if those issues continue to happen.”

This seems like a great idea that helps everyone invloved. What do you think?

Click here for the full story.

Click here to visit the Unleashed website.

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