Classic Video: Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog

Sure it’s just a commercial for dog food, but it has a wonderful message and features great shots of different kinds of dogs doing different things. It really captures so many of the ways that dogs enrich our lives. So, call me a sucker, but I had to watch it three times in a row.

2 thoughts on “Classic Video: Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog”

  1. Thanks….I just lost my lab, and miss him so very much. This was so wonderful just to recall his greatness.

    1. Love seeing this again. The German shorthaired pointer at the end of the commercial, which you see in silhouette, is our dog, Wrigley. She also has been a model for Orvis Dog catalogue. It is so true that inside every good dog is a GREAT dog. Wrigley has proven that to us over and over again. Thank you

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