Classic Video: A Puppy-Mill Survivor Learns How to Snuggle

Watch the video above, which is only 18 seconds long. There’s nothing remarkable about it. . .until you learn the context. Noisette was rescued from a puppy mill in Virginia, and she was in poor health–both physically and emotionally. What was especially clear was that she had never been socialized and didn’t know how to live outside her cage.

The video above shows Noisette’s foster dad, Chris, lying on the floor. The poor dog took 20 minutes before she found the courage to make contact. And when she does, you can hear a big sigh that has so much meaning behind it.

Bravo to Dogs XL Rescue, a group that normal specializes in rescues of larger dogs. They make an exception for rescues involving bad breeders.

Click here for the full story.

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