Classic Video: Shelter Pets – “Take a Chance On Me!”

This video from The SPCA of Wake County makes us smile – what a fun way to promote adoption. Shelters are always looking for new and better ways to get the word out about pet adoption, and social media have created opportunities for a message to go around the world in just a few days. This video has been watch almost 3.5 million times! Than can only help to educate more folks about the value of adopting a pet instead of buying one.

2 thoughts on “Classic Video: Shelter Pets – “Take a Chance On Me!””

  1. This is the most wonderful video I have ever seen. All the people involved in making and staring in this video are excellent! I keep watching this video from time to time and it still makes me cry and smile. Chance, the dog, was a perfect pick for his role. There could not have been a better song chosen for your message than Abba’s song. I highly commend all of you for your efforts in the making of the video. You all deserve an “Atta Boy or Girl!”. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I simply love this video. Of course, the most important thing in this video was the message to adopt homeless pets and what a fabulous way of doing so.

  2. I had read that Abba sued to prevent this and that really makes me sad. There is no profit to be gained here, there is only the hope that abandoned animals can be placed in loving homes. While I understand Abba does not want folks using their beautiful art, this song presentation is beautiful.

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