Colorado Dog Protection Legislation Should Be a Model for Other States

We’ve posted before about several high-profile cases of policemen shooting dogs led to efforts in Colorado to ensure that officers are better trained in how to deal with dog encounters on the job. (See here). Animal-welfare activists and law enforcement worked together to draft legislation that will make such training the law of the land. The Dog Protection Act was signed into law back in April.

Now, the stakeholders are working out the details of actually implementing the law:

Officers will be educated and trained on how to deal with dogs. The legislation will require sheriff and police departments to offer three-hour online courses for how to recognize and understand dog behaviors, as well as use non-lethal methods to control them when necessary.

The interested groups met last Wednesday, which represents the start of a historic transformation in the ways policemen and dogs will interact.

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Ziggy was killed by police officers responding to the wrong address.
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